English as a Second Language


At present, the Portage Community School District has 50+ ELLs in all schools and across all grade levels. We offer transitional and pull-out services depending on how much English the child has already mastered. For example, newcomers with no English receive pull-out services. Children who are further along receive language accommodations in their classrooms.

What does ELL stand for?

ELL is an acronym for English Language Learner as opposed to ESL which is English as a Second Language. Since some of our students may in fact speak 2 or more languages other than English, ELL is the more accurate term. 

What the difference between an ELL and a Dual Language program? The goal of an ELL program is for students to become proficient in academic English across all domains: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The goal of a Dual Language program is for students to become equally proficient in both English and another language (Spanish for example.) Our program at PCSD is ELL.

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