Portage Advanced Learner Program

Portage Community Schools believes every child has the potential for growth, no matter what their abilities are.  In the Advanced Learner Program it may look like a third grader working on pre-algebra or a ten year old attending all their classes in the sixth grade. Perhaps it is an occasion where a student can show off their mental-math skills.  Which ever level a student is at, they should continue to learn and be challenged.

The opportunities and support for these students to "go beyond" is part of what the Advanced Learner Program is all about.  Portage is very proud of their students and their accomplishments. 

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Fourth Grade Science Weebly


Google Drive


Student Project Links




Introduction to Glogster

If you have questions about the Advanced Learner Program, please contact:

Holly Kobza
K-6 Learning Coach
608-742-5531 ex 2454  or   email

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