May 7 is National Bike to School Day! Here are some tips to keep you safe while you’re out:

1. Make sure they’re ready. Once kids can hold their heads up, it’s okay for them to join you on a ride. Kids should ride in a trailer until they can ride a bike themselves.

2. Always wear helmets. Kids and adults should always wear helmets whenever they ride, even short distances.

3. Know the rules. Once kids learn how to balance and pedal, they need to learn the rules of riding. Teach them to ride straight and to watch for pedestrians and traffic, keeping to the right side of the road.


If you’re looking for a new route, consider the Levee Trail (2.8 miles) or the shorter trail along the canal. Both offer car-free paths that give your child room to master bike riding. There is a parking lot nearby if you plan to drive there.


For links to more ambitious routes, consider Columbia County Bicycle Loops, which are between 10 and 34 miles long.


Source: The President’s Challenge, devilslakewisconsin.com, Travel Columbia County

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