Food Allergies

According to the FDA, 6% of kids have a food allergy. Food allergies can be very serious. If a child eats a food they are allergic to, they might develop an itchy rash, stomachache, swollen tongue, wheezing, or an anaphylactic shock, which may result in death.

The most common foods that cause allergic reactions are milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts (such as walnuts and cashews), fish, and shellfish (such as shrimp).

If you’re planning to send a treat to school, ask your child’s teacher if anyone in the class has a food allergy. Also consider that most fruits and veggies are safe for kids with allergies.

Here are some snack ideas that are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction:

  • Orange Creamsicle - 100% orange juice mixed with vanilla soy milk; serve as a cool beverage or freeze in molds to serve as a frozen treat.
  • Tortilla Chips and Salsa - Cut whole-wheat tortillas into smaller triangles and toast them in the oven to serve with bean dip, fresh salsa, or guacamole.
  • Frozen Banana Treats - Cut bananas in half with peel on; insert Popsicle sticks into fruit of bananas and freeze.  Once frozen, remove peel from banana.  Cut into halves. Dip bananas in yogurt or yogurt alternative and then roll in crushed cereal (such as puffed rice or Rice Chex™) then freeze.

To learn more about what causes a food allergy, click here.

To learn what to do if you think your child has a food allergy, click here.


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