Our bodies are about 2/3 water. It’s important to stay hydrated via beverages and foods to avoid dehydration. When someone is dehydrated they may feel dizzy, tired, and crabby.

Follow these tips to stay hydrated:

  • Slip in watery foods. Serve soups and juicy fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, oranges, grapes, or strawberries.
  • Make fluids fun! Sip out of colorful glasses or use crazy shapes. Let kids choose their own water bottles. Most classrooms in the district allow water bottles with screw-on tops. Verify this with your child’s teacher.
  • Keep fluids flowing! Offer small amounts of water throughout the day rather than large amounts at one time.

Fluid requirements by age:



Source: National Agricultural Library, USDA

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