Introducing New Foods

Are you having trouble introducing healthy, new foods into your kid’s diet? Is it hard to get your kids excited about eating right? You’re not alone. Many families struggle with introducing new foods, but it can be done successfully. Try these tips to introduce new foods and flavors:

  • Enlist your kids’ help in grocery shopping to excite them about the variety of fruits and vegetables available to them.
  • Include them in preparing the meal so they feel ownership of the healthy foods and eat what they’ve worked to create. Washing and drying the produce is enough to make young kids feel responsible.
  • Introduce fruity flavors by making fruit smoothies.
  • Add this Orange Puree to mac and cheese or use as a pizza sauce.
  • Add applesauce or bananas into desserts or breakfast food. Try this applesauce pancake recipe (use whole-wheat flour for a health bonus!).
  • Set a good example - don’t make your kids eat foods that you wouldn’t eat!

Source: Mayo Clinic, Parenting, Food

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