on-line food service payment directions

Online Payment Directions for Food Service

Infinite Campus On-Line Payment Directions


The directions to pay on-line for student breakfasts, lunches, middle school and high school a la carte, and extra milk or milk for cold lunch is outlined below. This is a family account and you determine how much to deposit per child.

There is a $2.00 transaction fee automatically added for this service and a

$5.00 minimum payment requirement.

1.    Log on to Infinite Campus with your username and password.
2.    Click on the Payments tab on left side.
3.    If this is your first time using the Payment option through Infinite Campus you first need to register your credit card and bank information. 
4.    Select checking account or credit card and enter your information.
       For your checking account:

            The router number is the first set of nine (9) numbers      

            The checking account number is the next set of numbers. 

5.    After entering your numbers click save.
6.    Verify the information you entered is correct and click save again.
7.    Click the “back to payments” button.
8.    At the top of the payment screen put in the dollar amount (minimum of $5.00) in the white box.
9.    Click continue.
10.  Confirm account information.

11.  Click continue.

12.  If you would like an email receipt, fill in the “receipt email address”.
13.  Click make payment.
14.  A receipt will be emailed to the email address listed in Infinite Campus.
15.  If you have “adobe flash player” loaded on your computer you can click the print/view button to see or print a receipt too.

Payments will automatically be withdrawn from the account you have chosen and entered into your child(rens) breakfast/lunch/a la carte/milk account. If you have any questions please call Teresa Dyal, District Registrar at 742-3715.

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