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Meet our new Principal Salina Thistle

Woodridge and Endeavor Elementary School staff and students are 
welcoming their new principal, Mrs. Salina Thistle to start the 2014-2015
school year.

Mrs. Thistle is excited to join the Portage Community School District and is
looking forward to working alongside students and staff members to nurture
life-long learners.

Mrs. Thistle strongly believes in the importance of the relationship between school staff, families,
and the community, and knows those ties have a direct impact on student success.  

Outside the classroom setting, she has been active in the community through mentoring youth
sports and volunteering in the PTO.

Mrs. Thistle had previously been a first and second grade teacher at Lodi Primary School.
Prior to that, she served as center director for the UW Preschool Center, as well as a
program coordinator from REM Wisconsin.

Mrs. Thistle received her undergraduate degree, majoring in Elementary Education and minoring
in English and Communication Arts, from Edgewood College. She received her master’s degree
in Educational Leadership from Viterbo University. 

Picture yourself in first grade!

Sharing Supper Information

Motorists must wait when red lights are flashing

School has been in session for a few weeks now, but drivers still ask, “When is a motorist supposed to stop for a school bus that is displaying flashing red lights?”

School buses will have a flashing red signal if they were manufactured before Sept. 1, 1992. School buses manufactured after that date have the flashing red signal lights and a stop signal arm, a stop sign that extends out from the bus when the flashing red lights are activated.

Motorists who are traveling the same direction as the school bus must stop behind the school bus regardless of how many lanes are on the highway. Drivers can proceed past the school bus once the red lights are turned off.

Motorists who are traveling the opposite direction as the school bus only need to stop before passing the school bus if it is a two-lane roadway—one lane of traffic for each direction— and the highway is not divided. Drivers can move past the school bus once the red lights are off.

Guiding Beliefs
Guiding Beliefs
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