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Belief Statements of Portage High School

The statements below are what we, as teachers and administrators of PHS, believe are the foundation of our educational practices.  We believe if these statements are met, our students will be productive members of society.

  • Inspire students to contribute to society as knowledgeable, responsible, and cultured citizens.

  • Encourage behavior, which promotes perseverance and integrity.
  • Give ALL students the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.
  • Encourage, motivate, challenge and prepare students to set goals and achieve.
  • Provide opportunities for students to grow through a variety of learning experiences.
  • Promote critical thinking, as a process: involves raising curiosity, setting examples, posing problems, presenting parameters for individual (original) solutions, and sharing solutions.
  • Students have a role to be actively involved in the learning process and setting goals for life long learning.





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