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Wireless Network Access

PHS Wireless Electronic Communication Device (ECD) Procedures


Portage High School now has an Open Device Policy (#529) where students are allowed to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD),  and access our wireless network.  This network is available by following these steps:

1. Read Policy #529.
Read this policy carefully so you know about the policy, procedures, and responsibility of bringing your own personal device to school.
2. Agreement Form
Print this agreement form, have your parents sign it, sign it yourself, and then return it to the iCenter or the Tech. Ctr.
3. Device Safety
Consider how you will keep your device safe throughout your school day. Do you always keep your locker locked? Do you always use your gym locker? What about band? Where will you put it during lunch? The safety and security of your personal device is your responsibility. Be sure you are ready for that.
4. Device Security
Be sure your virus protection is up-to-date on your device.
5. Register your device.
Go to the Technology Center Help Desk and the staff will help you register your device.
6. Wait.
The technology staff will need to enter your device information into our system. This may take up to 48 hours.
On your device, choose the BYOC network.
8. Login
Open your web browser, a dialog box will appear asking you to login. You will enter your regular network username and password to gain access.
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