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Animal Web Sites and Resources

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Wisconsin Wildlife

The Wild Ones Animal Index

Animal Planet
Unbelievable site on Mammals! printouts, ice age, classification, time charts, calendars!
National Wildlife Fe
deration offers online versions of Ranger Rick, Your Big Back Yark, and Wild Animal Baby
San Diego Zoo

. All of the animal pages cover characteristics, range, habitat, food, reproduction, and behavior.
Caring for Animals

Vertebrate Animals Hotlist

eNature is an online guide to over 4800 North American plants and animals.
- Select a head, tail, and body from different animals to create a new one!
Giggle Moose
has virtual field trips, animals, and plants. A one stop nature spot.
Digital Library Project - Mammals photos

CalPhotos: Animals

Critter Corner
Animal pictures, habitat, and behavior

The National Zoo has webcams showing animals in action. Over 200 photos and information on habitats

Creature Feature

Kratt's Creatures!
Site includes a clickable map letting students travel the world in search of interesting animals. Kratt's World

Zoo Matchmaker
- learn about decisions zookeepers have to make.

It's for the Birds! Make some feeders and set out some seeds.
Need to identify a bird call?  Song Site
This Bird of the week site features photos, illustrations, and facts about birds. See if you can identify the bird calls.
The OWL pages
includes names and stories on many species
Owls at Rutgers
Owls around the world

- identify and enjoy owls
Owl quiz and TONS of Owl info

The Aviary: Owls

Owl Species
- check out the pictures
Owl Research Institute
shows how owl research is done and what they do with the results
Whooping Crane Project

Migration updates for Cranes

Track Whooping Crane Flocks

Journey North Crane Project
DNR Crane Page
Video on Whooping Cranes
Necedah National Wildlife Refuge
Patuxtent Wildlife Research Center

How to fold a paper crane
Dodo Bird Story
- It's now extinct :(
Bald Eagles - stories and history
Facts about Raptors
Raptors in the City - the Peregrine Falcon



Butterfly Cam and Resources
All About Butterflies - hypertext book about them for all ages.
Monarch Watch
Life Cycle of Butterflies
Label the Butterfly
Monarchs and Migration

Classify, Identify, Get up Close and Personal
at CoolScience. Make a neat butterfly emerge from a chrysalis
Tree of Life
offers information about the relationships and characteristics of organisms. Links to other biological information
Take a look at life on Earth. Check out each group's fossil records, life history, ecology and more. One section gives links to the phylums

K Dino Pics
K Dinosaur Sue
Search for everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs.
Grab your scissors and some glue - it's time to make a dinosaur! Print, cut, fold and you'll have Stegosauruses, Tyrannosauruses, and Raptors running around the room!


Florida Everglades
Bald Eagles
- stories and history
Learn about endangered species at the World Wildlife Fund site.
More Endangered Animals of the World
Threatened and Endangered

Critter Corner
- surveys of Wisconsin wildlife
Raptors in the City - the Peregrine Falcon

Endangered in the Oceans

Defenders of Wildlife
has fact sheets, games, and quizzes. Also look at how climate affects wildlife
Animal Extinction
looks at the animals of the future - or lack of. Interactive story with video and audio clips
The Wild Ones
presents stories of scientists who are working with endangered species


Yahooligan Insects
Pesky Insects - vote on your least favorite bug!
Aren't you sweet!?!  See what pleases the bees
Insect Program

Cow eye dissection and Mutant Flies
. Ugh! Ick! COOL!
Bug ID
lets you identify the order to which any insect belongs by using the online key


Fishing Works

SHEDD Aquarium
All about Sea Otters
Sea Turtle Survival

Into the Abyss- More hydrothermal vents and images of the Deep Sea
Take a Virtual Dive and voyage aboard Alvin! View an underwater forest in Monterey Bay. Check out a deep sea Extreme 2000 voyage
Ocean Planet
tells you all about the part of the earth covered with water.
Virtual Marine
- Students are helping an aquarium conduct marine research. A Top Ten Innovative Project!
Sea World -Find information on coral reefs, sharks, whales, dolphins, fish, and other sea animals
has two interactive tours with pages to print. Answers key questions about the ocean and its creatures.
Marine and Ocean Life
is a whimsical site that has books, games, puzzles, activities, lesson plans and other sea links.
Check out the zoomwhales at zoomschool! Eleven whale species are described, arts and craft ideas, math activities, scavenger hunts, and coloring sheets!
Whales, Seals & Kelp- All off the coast of Australia
See how much you know about sharks!



Follow the Iditarod Sled Dog race that takes place each March from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska
Dog Sleds - photos from the Iditarod race, biographies of mushers, letters, and more.
Sled Dogs
Polar Bears Alive has a clickable map to show where the animal lives. Basic information plus a photo gallery.
Ok, do you REALLY want to see a frog dissected?   See it here (Did you eat lunch yet?)
The Arctic and Its Animals Site
shows off ten animals that share the Arctic world

Arctic Animals

Arctic Animals info

Arctic theme

Bear Beginnings
Giant Pandas
and Lizards of the World
National Zoological park

Disect a Frog Anyone?: Try it out here

Polar Bears

Owen and Mzee

Create an animated squirrel, cat or owl
Darwin Pond - inquiry game to create and evolve "swimmers."

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