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Foreign & Sign Language
Houghton Mifflin Series Site

MAP Reading
MAP GAMES for reading and math

Primary Games 
Publishing Sites

Rusch Newspaper
Spelling / Phonics
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Connecting with Authors
Authors Now
Authors to Go
The Cybils
Great Scavenger Hunt
Middle Grade Authors
Kids Read Too    Teens Read Too
Texas Sweethearts and Scoundrals
Skype an Author

Author SItes
Children's Literacy Web Guide
Pesonal Author Sites
Great Writers
Betsy Byars
Robert Munsch
Gary Paulsen
Eric Carle
Jan Brett
Katherine Patterson
Tomie de Paola
Robert Louis Stevenson
Zilpha Keatley Snyder
J K Rowling
C S Lewis
Hans Christian Andersen
site 2
Judy Blume
Henry David Thoreau
Jean Craighead George
The Brothers Grimm
Brothers Grimm folk tales
Louisa May Alcott
Marc Brown
Armstrong Sperry
Mem Fox
Susan Cooper

Paul Goble
Patricia Polacco   PP Webquest
Teaching Books - author interviews, links to booksellers, author web sites, curriculum guides etc. To sign up, click HERE

Book Reviews
Book Hooks
Barnes & Noble
World of Reading

Middle School book reviews - read theirs and write your own
Genre Book Review Interactive
Read Reviews by others

Writing with Writers - book reviews
Steps to Writing a Review
How to Write a Book Review
Writing Book Reviews

Reading Rants
Story Time Blogs
Reading to the T

Email & Web Communities
Students can send an email card to a friend. Other fun things at this site include making chocolate mousse, knock-knock jokes, and traveling to Hong Kong.
Gaggle Net allows students to email and blog.

Foreign & Sign Language
Try the English-Spanish word matching game.
Sign Language - over 300 words. Watch the sign being made.
Spanish Steps
Learn Spanish Free

English Grammar 101 is for grades 3-12. Online learning of English topics with immediate feedback!
Word games to strengthen English skills
Grammar Rock
Sing Along Lyrics
Run on and Fragment Practice
Online Fragment instruction
Online Run-On Instruction

Free Rice - grammar check
Funbrain site
Ocean Cat
Gorilla Grammar
Grammar Blast
Grammar Games
Clean Up Your Grammar
Fish Up the Ends of Words
Grammar Ninja
Language Games - hover over each one for a description
Read180 Games
The Monkey Business of creating sentences
Singing Zebra Sentences
Sentence Structure Games
MORE Sentence Structure Games
Interactive English Games
Crickweb Literacy activities
The Many Things of Words
Verb Viper
To Be or Not to Bee
Rules for -endings
Learning Games
Lazy Editor - students read authentic news articles, then examine them for grammar and parts of speech.

New forms of Poetry! Try writing a Maheecoozookey! Then look for a publisher!
Giggle Poetry
Blast to the past and check out the archive of 19th century poetry. Read Carl Sandburg and Emily Dickinson for starters.
It's Bear Time. John and El Bear have songs and poems to share with you. Have fun with their coloring pages.
Poetry every day for a month. Create a chapbook for mother's day!
Poems to see and share at: Potato Hill
Favorite poems, contests, rhyming dictionary and thesaurus at
Emily Bronte
Over 50 subjects worth of poems
Rhyme Zone - find rhyming words, synonyms, and like sounding words

Casey at the Bat - video performance of poem and info about the young speaker
Poetry Zone - reviews, poets, submit poems
Giggle Poetry - Hundreds of poems to read and rate.
Poetry analysis. How to break a line, author purpose
Type your
Haiku poem on a leaf and print out.

Thinkquest - info
Advertising Tricks - PBS
CoCo Cereal
Create your own ad
Admongo - interactive video game

George Mason University
Propaganda Video

Publishing Sites
ChixLit - online magazine by and for girls ages 7-17
Potluck Children's Magazine. Published poems, stories, essays and artwork from children 8-16.

PBS Kids for K-3
Time For Kids - Articles about a school or community event, complete with a headline and interview subjects, are written by students 13 years old or younger. Contest opens in March. 
Weekly Reader - Submit memoirs, essays or news stories between 500 and 2,500 words.  Winners travel to Washington DC.
Kids are Authors - Scholastic: Three students work collaboratively to create a piece of illustrated work in the form of a children’s book.

ChixLit - online magazine by and for girls ages 7-17
Potluck Children's Magazine.  Links to several contests.
Young Author's Workshop
Stone Soup
Creative Kids - ages 8-11

Diary Project
New Moon - edited by girls ages 8-14 for girls ages 8-14.
Animal Diaries


Just Right Books!
Children's Book Council
5 Essential Components of Reading

Into the Book! - comprehension strategies interactive
Literary Trips - follow plot and setting

Interactives from Read Write Think
Book Cover Creator - draw your own.
Character Cards Interactive - MANY questions to learn about a char.
Compare Contrast map
Graphic Map - can show sequence of chapter events, time, settings, etc.  Includes title, discription, rating, and picture.
Persuasion / Propaganda information ppt
Plot Map
Story Map - based on Characters (look, act, others react;) Conflict (what, why, how solve;) Resolution (how, after, affect char;) Setting (where, when, describe.)
Timeline tool
Webbing Tool - circles, boxes or tree.
Venn Diagram


Infoplease has an almanac, encyclopedia, and a dictionary all rolled into one.
Bartleby - searchable resource of reference works, verse, fiction and nonfiction. Character lists, links to works, and searchable texts
Need a good quote on a topic? Try Brainy Quote
It's a Picture Dictionary for younger children. 1,176 entries include the word, picture, and the word in a sentence.
Fun with a Visual Thesaurus!
Virtual School House
World Book
Shakespeare and Bartlett Quotations: text, quotes, commentary, and essays
Portage Public Library
Britannica Encyclopedia
Need a Rhyming word? Antonym? Synonym. Try the RhymeZone

Dictionary & Thesaurus
Balanced Literacy using Four Block Instruction
LEXILE checks for books

Just RIght Books
Internet 4 Classrooms - math & language arts activities
Citation Maker
Bibliography Generator
Myths on Copyright
Fact Monster
Little Explorer's Dictionary - Primary dictionary with photos.  Choose a letter or topic to get started.


Want to play a game to study ALL your spelling skills?  Choose an activity on the left menu.
Working with Words - all and any kinds of games and activities related to Words
Word Work games with strategy
PuzzleMaker creates whatever you need and will make it fit any space. Mazes, word searches, crisscross puzzles, number blocks, cryptograms, and letter tiles.
Word Keys - perfect for crossword puzzles, code words, Scrabble, Boggle, Upwords, and Words with Friends.
Spelling games like scrabble, boggle, and hangman!

Look, Cover, Write, Check! Work on your spelling words
Can you find a misspelled word in the game Spell Check?
Silent Letter games
Sight Words with Dragon
Practicing Core Words with "Cross It," "Use It," and "Find It"
Practicing Spelling Skills
Which word is spelled right?
Spelling beyond the core words
- The Spell Check Game

Power Proofreading.  Examples online to correct.
Bunny Drop: Seventeen different spelling word lists are available to choose from for this fun game. Membership is needed to play the game, but is free.

Alphabet Soup: Unscramble the falling letters to form a word before they hit the bottom of the soup bowl and before time runs out.

Phonics, Word finds, and Stories
Kindergarten Phonics
BBC School TV Series
Phonics Game Show

Alphabet Organizer - just letters or letter with description
Two C sounds video

Homophones video

Homophones with pictures
Homophone Memory Match

Five Homonym and Homophone activities
Readquarium - Homophones and Homonyms.  Many games
Rocket Land - decide if the words are antonyms, synonyms, or homonyms
Learning Homophones
Guess the Homonym
Word Confusion
Five Homophone and Homonym games
Homographs - match meanings to the word given
Word Frog or Furious Frogs - antonyms, synonyms, or homonyms
Speedword 1 - type the homophone.  Speedword 2,   Speedword 3
Cool Multi-meanings video

Interactive Idioms - write the real meaning

Idiom and Slang Games
Themed idioms to paint
Idioms for intermediate level
Idiom instruction and game

Eight Synonym and Antonym games
Tons of Synonym and Antonym activities!
Even more Synonym and Antonym practice!
Learning Analogy Activities
Analogy Jeopardy games
Analogy Game and Lesson
Analogy Challenge

Gamequarium - Roots, prefixes and suffix games
Jelly Fish - type the prefix, base or suffix
APPLY your knowledge of roots!   Another chance to practice roots
Rooting out Words with Remainder the Dog
Type in the root needed for the sentence.   More practice here
Link Prefixes and suffixes to their meanings
Study and test your knowledge of "fixes."
Nine affix games to try!
Roots, prefixes and suffixes - Dozens of games to choose from.
Un and Re video

 Stories & Texts (Regular and Online)
Guy's Read - artistic sight with books for boys
Sports Illustrated for Kids - latest news on athletes and professional teams.
Children's Storybooks Online - Categorized for young children, older children and young adults.
Grimm's Fairy Tales - interactive
Visit the online home of Arthur, the world's most famous aardvark! Walk through the art gallery and writing center of student work. Submit your own!

Billy Bear! for kids Animated, downloadable stories.
The Magic School Bus
Children's Storybooks Online has links to over a dozen online books for K-1. Read aloud if you like, solve the riddle, or color the pictures in the online coloring book.
Weekly Reader Gallery - interactive games, quizzes, trivia and of course Current Events!
Tumble Books has electronic books to read online for students age 5-8. Animation, music, narration, and interaction are all a part!
Electronic Text Center has 5000 texts including classics, fiction, children's literature, and American history.

BookSpot - online books, book reviews, reading lists, author info, facts about Harry Potter
Multicultural Tales

Golden Books lets you read books online and has several interactive lift the flap editions.
Stories and Books Online
Teaching Books
K Learn to Read at Starfall! ABC's, learn to read, try your skills, and read!
Fable Vision Place - entertaining stories to discuss. Create your own animated tale
Native American Cinderella Story

Authors and Books at Teaching Net
Books for every genre and more
Story w/ video Owen and Mzee
Story w/video Chicks and Salsa
American Folklore - retellings of the stories.
Sample Stories worth 1-6 points.
Paul Bunyan Stories - 15 short tall tales
Tall Tales

Topics in Early Reading
Celebrate the joys of reading with family.
Thought provoking approach to children's literature
Link to Literacy has standards based reading, writing, communication, and critical thinking activities.

Cyberguides for Works of Literature! Collections of web searching activities with teacher guides and assessment rubrics.
Online eBooks

Reader's Theatre

Vocabulary programs to use online
Fun Brain word of the day and vocabulary activities

Dr. Peet will read your story as you type!
Try a game of memory called Fun Match.
Teach the Writing Process online with the cute chickens. Very thorough. Ideas and tips. Publish online when finished!
Add a Form
Online Alphabet Books - create your own!
Writing Contests galore at this Short Stories site
Complete a writing mystery
Punctuation Paintball - Tons of Fun!

Create your own comics of Garfield and friends... or sequence premade Garfield comics and answer some questions about them.

Comic Creator  - may not be able to save your work
Comics Garfield style  may not be able to save your work

Writing Fix has prompts for writing and 6 traits lessons
Try this well designed news site for students: CNNFYI
6 trait short explanation and activity for each for kids
Writing Fix - prompts and traits

Essay Creator
Flip Book - up to 10 pages with labels

Fractured Fairy Tale Wizard
Letter Creator - type in the information, the website puts it in letter format
Persuasion Graphic Organizer.  Goal, 3 MI with 3 details each.
Printing Press: create a brochure, flyer, newspaper, or booklet.
Stapleless book - for short stories or a journal

Peer Editing



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