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Glaciers & Erosion Volcanoes


The Virtual Cave
US Show Caves
Mysterious Life of Caves


Earthquakes - everything you wanted to know
Prepare for an earthquake in Wisconsin? Just in case, find out how!
How Earthquakes Work
The Savage Earth looks at nature's destructive side
Life Along the Faultline focuses on the San Francisco Bay area. See a video clip from the World Series Earthquake
Learn about the famous San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. More on the SF Quake
Earthweek reports on Severe weather conditions around the world. use the data to practice charting and graphing, keep track of earthquakes, and other natural phenomena.
Earthquakes: Stepping Up to the Plates
Science Master: Earthquakes
UPSEIS is an easy to navigate site to learn about earthquakes. Lots of maps, charts, graphs, and photos
Predicting Earthquakes - tells why quakes occur and has an interactive tectonic plates map.
Tech Museum's earthquakes - A Multimedia overview of earthquakes.

Fossils, Rocks and Minerals

Awesome Fossil Pictures
Fossil and Mineral pictures at UW Madison
Physical Characteristics of Minerals: descriptions and color illustrations. Moh's hardness scale! Minerals are listed by name, class, birthstones, and elements
Minerals that Glow in the Dark
Fluorescent Rocks
JellyFish One and Two
Jellyfish in Wisconsin
Rocky the Rock Hound takes you exploring. See how rocks are formed and why they end up looking like they do.
Archealogy Channel

Glaciers & Erosion

Glaciers retreating 
Melting Ice - search Earth- features
Melting Glaciers - search Earth- features
Gifts of the Glaciers

All about Glaciers

Human Footprint (erosion)
- search Bio - visualizations
Moving Mountains - search Earth- features
Yellowstone Volcanos - search Earth- features
Derecho Wind Storm - search Earth- features

Erosion activity

Plate Tectonics Plus

Causing Earthquakes - images and information on plate tectonics.
Wisconsin Adrift
Plate Tectonics - tons of info and pictures
Volcanoes Online - created by students. An illustrated guide to plate tectonics
Plate Tectonics animations, history, and mechanisms that move the plates.
World Plate Tectonics Map, glaciers, fossils, and more
Try Plate Tectonics
Predicting Earthquakes - tells why quakes occur and has an interactive tectonic plates map.
Savage Earth - choose from plates, volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunami waves. Tons of animation and video. A must see!
for any Geological topic from USGS

Edible Earth directions/recipe
Plates on the Move - facts, maps, layers, & more
Wisconsin Adrift
Try Plate Tectonics
What do you know? Quiz on Plate Tectonics


Volcano World
Lake Superior Ice Volcanoes
How Volcanoes Work
Earth's active volcanoes - pictures, maps, info
Volcanoes Online - created by students. An illustrated guide to volcanoes.
Active Volcanos on the North American west coast can been seen through this site's photo archives and real-time data
You Gotta See this Volcano Site!
Volcano types, inside a volcano, plus make one erupt online!


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