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Health Web Sites and Resources

Health Websites

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Activities and Games

Macerena Tag? Dodge Bowl? Riskdribble? These and more games with their rules are available online!
Baseball Cards 1887-1914. Over 2,000 cards! Search by keyword or browse.
Aerobics to Volleyball, you'll find activities here from Sports Media

The Brain

What makes up a person's IQ?
12 Universal Dreams
Things that go BUMP in the night!
Make up your Mind
Brain Breaks
Links to activities related to the BRAIN and spinal cord.

Want to be an Engineer? See how engineering affects our lives.

Character Education

Teaching about Diverse World Views
Facing History and Ourselves. A look at prejudice, violence, racism, human rights.
Improving School Quality. Follow the leadership link to Creating high achieving learning environments, student self-direction, or family involvement

Quick and easy tips on how to identify, report, and prevent Cyberbullying
Out on a Limb - A guide to getting along. Animated stories for grades 2-4 for learning to manage conflicts peacefully.
It's not your fault. A site designed to help kids deal with bullying and teasing.
Ripple Effects for Kids - Five topics for grades 3-5 to help them respond constructively to bullying.
No Bully - Guidelines for teachers, parents and students.
Bullies to Buddies - A ten step process to show children how to eliminate bullying and teasing.
Skills of Peace - downloadable manual with a list of children's literature on topics such as respect, friendship, managing anger, etc.
The First Amendment School Project - resources to help teach the meaning of the First Amendment Principles.

Cloning, Genes, & DNA

Fingerprint Patterns
How Fingerprint Scanners Work
The History of Fingerprints
Create your own DNA graphic!
Introduction to DNA
The Gene Scene
DNA exhibit
How Human Cloning Will Work
How Cloning Works
Cloning Conundrum


All Recipes


Center for Disease Control - information, tips and warning on health and safety. Want to know about your health? Check it out here!
Diabetes Association
Eat your Veggies! They fight cancer! So does the All Star Cancer Fighting Basketball Team
Find out about Artificial Hearts
Food Born Illness

Check out everything you need to know about a prescription drug or disease. Medical language.
Tobacco-Free Kids helps warn about the dangers of smoking
Prevent youth smoking
D.A.R.E. online
Food and Drug Administration has a site where you can meet Yorick, the bionic skeleton, who tells about food safety, what inspectors look for, and how vaccines work.
MedLinePlus is a reference tool for medical questions and lists more than 9,000 prescription and over the counter drugs.


Human Body

Poison resources
Human Anatomy Online - interactive site starts with thumbnail images of the eight body systems. Lists of images, descriptions, and animations
Healthy Teeth tells about teeth, gums, braces, cavities, and prevention of tooth decay. Photographic images help clarify information
Medical and Technological Advances
Bilingual unit of study on the five senses
A movie answers questions about the five senses and other scientific wonders
Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the world. Take a journey into the world of the nervous system to learn about your senses.
Got a Health Question? such as What is earwax? The answer is here.
Go through the checklist to see if you are at risk for heart disease
Online Exploration of the Heart
Who received the first artificial heart
Baby pictures? Here's some from age 22 days to 56 days!


Check out the labels on the food you eat. You'll be amazed at what you put in your body!
Plastic Fork Diaries - healthy food and exercise habits. Includes recipes and virtual field trips.



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