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Ellis Immigrants

Where did our families come from?

How did they get here?

What was their life like?

Ellis Island
Immigration Info

Interactive Ellis Island
Interactive Journey
Journey of a Lifetime
NationalitiesWisconsin Genealogy Links


Wisconsin Links

Wisconsin statistics
Wisconsin Genealogy
Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin Roster of Civil War       
Old World Wisconsin
Wisconsin Life Histories
Emmigrants Handbook to Wisconsin
This series of booklets captures the history of many of the largest immigrant communities in Wisconsin, and is enhanced by photos from the State Historical Society's photo collections.
Ethnic Groups in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Pioneer Experience


American Irish Historical Society

Emerald Isle Immigration Center
Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Welcome to Northern Ireland

Black Facts Online

Hmong Homepage

Letter from a German Immigrant
Atlas of the German Empire
Polish immigration

Early French and German settlers
Wisconsin's French Connection
Pommern Research

French Canadian
French Connection to Wisconsin

Ellis Island

Immigrant Wall of Honor - search more than 500,000 immigrant names inscribed on the Ellis Island Wall of Honor
Ellis Island - America's Gateway. Learn about the arduous journey that immigrants took to reach the US. Find out what a new arrival went through. Sound clips!
Search Ellis Island Database

Journey of a Lifetime

The Immigrant Journey
Tenemant Life

 General information about Immigration

American Immigration
Ethnic, Religious and National Index 
Follow the flags to the immigration links 
The New Americans explore the history of Immigration in America. Stories, lessons plans
Passenger Lists
Immigrants at NARA
Immigrant Experience
America: The Great Melting Pot
Immigration Museum Online
Historic Newspaper - 1841-1902







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