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Air Travel
Kites for Kids! Make 20 kites with 20 kids in 20 minutes (well almost!)
Wright Brothers - real film footage. Also check out their First Flight Site
Build the best paper airplane in the world!
Balloons and Airships

Amelia Earhart

Chemistry for kids has ideas for experiments - don't forget your goggles
Periodic Table Adventure
- elementary chemistry
Chem Elements

Science Lab including Element Hangman game.
Periodic Table
Periodic Table (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
McGraw Hill Chem School

Kitchen Chemistry

Electricity, Light, & Sound

Light and movement. This physics site has awesome animations on waves, electricity, sound, light, planetary motion, and Newton's Laws.
Electrical Science Snacks
? YES! Try the electrical fleas.
Ben Franklin and his experiments
Van De Graff Generators
and how the work. Check out the funny pictures
It's the Atom's Family! Projects to try.
The Theatre of Electricity
- view different electrical gadgets and experiments

Environment, Ecology & Habitats   

Ethan's Habitat
Habitat VIdeos
What's it like where you live? Biomes, freshwater ecosystems, and marine ecosystems. Info on climate, plants, animals, and a map

Keep America Beautiful!
Learn about hard to recycle items, local centers, and trivia
Planetpals Earthzone
in an interactive site that features planetpals teaching you the importance of caring for our planet. There are craft ideas, games, and a place to share your opinions.
Earthweek reports on severe weather conditions around the world. use the data to practice charting and graphing, keep track of earthquakes, and other natural phenomena.
Find hundreds of ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle
The Mississippi River Home Page - "Your guide to heritage, natural history, weather and recreation along the Mississippi River."
Mississippi River Links
Explorer's Club
has stories and environmental activities for students
Pollution in my town? See your city's pollution scorecard by typing in your zipcode.

Learn about the Amazon Rainforest and the people who call it home
World Biomes

Biomes and Habitats
at Enchanted Learning
Blue Planet Biomes
- Top notch photos, easy to navigate
EPA - interactive climate, environmental and technology activities
The Green Squad
- action filled site. take an interactive journey through a school and make choices as you go to make a safe environment.
Urban Sprawl

Reduce - 50 things you can reduce
Reuse - 50 things you can reuse

- 50 things you can recycle

Amazon Interactive 
Want to go on a biology or ecology field trip?  Simply choose your location.

Ecosystems - taiga, desert, temperate, grasslands, shorelines, wetlands, pond/lakes, rivers/streams, tropical oceans, temperate oceans, rainforest, tundra.
Basic Biome info

Water Around the World - One student's way to make a global difference
- head outside and investigate landscaping and recycling.  Learn the importance of the nature around us.

Fossils and Archaeology

Archaeology Flower Pot
Fossil Layers
Awesome Fossil Pictures
Gigantic Snake Fossil - search Bio - snapshots
Chuck Spencer - Archaeologist

Did Neanderthals and early humans interbreed? Research says no - based on a 34,000 year old bone found in France
Support for Human Evolution abounds at this site with links to articles on fossils. Detailed scientific evidence provided on the relationship of humans and apes.

About Genetics
Around the World with DNA
Cloning Dolly
DNA (onion) in a blender
DNA model - build
Tracing the First Americans - search Bio snapshots
Genome Project
Genes and Geography - search Human - snapshots
Bear Family Tree through DNA
- search Bio - snapshots


Field Trips, Web Cams, Virtual Museums

Franklin's Institute has many photos,videos, etc. on a TON of topics. Worth a few few minutes of your time - perhaps an hour! Type "multimedia" in the search box to find even more!
Science Movie Clips

Take a trip
, stand, and turn all around to see the view!
Internet Field Trips at Xcursion
Incredible list of virtual museums students have created
Links to over 1,700 international museum and museum-related WWW sites, all alphabetical.
Enjoy the view from somewhere else
. Cam World has over 200 links to outdoor cameras where you can check out the weather and do some sightseeing just about anywhere!
Webcam Central

Global Webcams

All aboard the Magic School Bus! Find out about the books, visit the art gallery, check out the games and toys

Inventors & Inventions

Invention Dimension
Who invented the can opener? the frisbee? the feather duster?

National Inventors Hall of Fame
- How does one select who is admitted?
Creative Thinking required to get a US PATENT
Henry Ford
used the assembly line method to build his affordable Model T
Check out the creativity and ingenuity of inventors past and present
Inventor Biographies

Smithsonian Innovations

Current technological inventions
and discoveries
Inventors from A to Z. Find facts on inventors and inventions using an alphabetical index.

Goldburger to Go. Use levers, pulleys, planes, etc. to get an object to move just right!
Lever Tutorial

The Catapult!

Building Big
- bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels
Create your own invention - contest included

Investigations, Explorations & Experiments

Scientific Method
Lab Report
Podcasts on Science topics
How Stuff Works
Memory Experiments
Test your memory and learn some tricks and techniques to help you never forget again.
Edible Experiments you can Eat

Science Investigation Tools
Experiments for Third Graders
Popular Science Magazine's Site

Basic and Complicated Physics explained in an interactive way. Video clips, voting, more at Fear of Physics
Tic Tac Bubbles is just one of the activities at Professor Bubble's site. Learn to make your own gargantuan and odd looking bubbles!
Chem Center has 11 hands-on experiments to try from the Cow's Moo to Making Colonial Ink
Simulations and Virtual Reality can be found at the Syracuse physics department
Fun Science Gallery of Experiments
: Fun for all ages. More for elementary students by using the link at the bottom of their page.
Math and Science and Technology

What happened at Three Mile Island ?

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab has a section on chemistry, pressure, motion, and energy as three different levels. Materials, procedures, and background information included.
Extreme Science gives you the facts about the largest, highest, oldest, and greatest creatures and formations of our natural world
Micro World's
science simulations and math explorations.
The Education Arcade
- GAMES to solve challenges from the Univ. of Madison
A Special Exploratorium from San Francisco. TONS of explorations in all areas of science.

Simulations -  all areas.
Plasma Physics online simulations
Read about the Dell Winston Solar Challenge. A Top Ten Innovative Project! Then learn how to Build a Solar Car
Energy and Science Projects
Solar Cooking Archive
Solar Online Resources
Science Fair Made Simple - ideas for science fair projects
Experimental science projects
Young Scientists Challenge

Discover Magazine

Science News for Kids


Gases, liquids, solids. Good comparison
The Particle Adventure. This site is aimed at high school students, but answers questions such as what is the world made of , what holds it together, and how come we know this. Take an interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, dark matter, and other intriguing particles.
Find Out Why
- discover states of matter, test some tomatoes, look at meteors!
Study the different states of matter, what matter is, and what makes it up
Liquid Basics - or would you like to be a solid?

Solid/Liquid/Gas - particles applet. Make energy transform molecules!
Energy Simulation - change variables to affect molecular movement
River Crossing - cross the river on platforms of solid, liquid, or gas
Matter Games


A picture shop and data place for all of life. Every kingdom. Every kind!
Have you ever wanted to see INSIDE something? Explore the inner space of animals, minerals, vegetables, and more with the best microscope that exists today, the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)
A typical animal cell

A typical plant cell

Cells and Cell Structure

Plant and Animal Cell Diagrams and info
The Inside Story
of bacteria, plant and animal cells
The Cell - types, what's inside, photos
is an award winning library of virtual cells. Color images, 3D models, time lapse photography. See the growth of cancer and bacteria cells!

A Walk in the Woods - Slide show format taking you on a walk through the woods.  Interesting presentations of fungi, moss, and lichens.  Also check out the Nature Notes section.


Visit an offbeat cyberspace science museum. Flying saucers, Loch Ness Monster...
Solve biological mysteries using the scientific process!
Who Dunnit?
Do you enjoy a good mystery? Learn about fingerprinting, teeth impressions, identifying powers, and examining bones. Try to solve a crime.
Super Sleuths. Try to solve these mysteries
- investigate crime solving techniques.
Nancy Drew
- learn about the mystery series

Oceans & Shipwrecks

National Geographic Ocean info
Discovery Kids
Ocean links

Enchanted Learning
Ocean links

The Sea

Travel in the Oceans
in the Oceans
Ocean Layers

Nature Works
on Oceans
Temperate Oceans

Ocean Zones,
cycles, plants and animals
Enchanted Learning
- Biomes

Lobster camera
How Deep Can They Go?
Test objects in the ocean!
Oceans Alive
has information about the oceans and how they have changed, Investigate the water cycle and learn about the living sea

Jason Project

Watch drips of water drop S L O W L Y.
A Sea of Questions.
  Scientists study the ocean. Click on Ian Harrison for more information on what he studies.  Take the quiz
How a Submarine Works

Sonar - Navy vs the Whales


Digger & Friends


Shark Water

Live Web Cams at Monterrey Bay Aquarium
Taking Stock of Coral Reef Species
- search Bio -snapshots
Alvin and the Deep Sea Vents
- What's Living and Non Living down there?
How Deep Can They Go?

USS Wisconsin
Great Lakes Shipwrecks
Wisconsin Shipwrecks
Shipwreck Explorers
Dave Swayze's Shipwreck Research

Plants & Trees
The Great Plant Escape - learn about plant structure, what they need to grow and more facts than you'll ever need.
Earth Observatory
- visit the Global Garden, check on energy sources, and find out what is happening in the atmosphere.

Telling an oak from a maple - from space

State Trees

Trees into families with pictures

Click on a region and see the trees that live there
.  Great pictures and info.
Choose a tree and see where it grows

Pulleys, Gears, and Simple Machines

Simple Machine Construction

How a Compass Works
How Guitars Work

How Drip Coffee Makers Work

How Thermometers Work
How a See N' Say Works

How Water Towers Work

How Gears Work
How does a roller coaster work?
Inside a Wind-up Alarm Clock
Inside a Bathroom Scale
Projects involving forces, materials, loads, and shapes. Interactive from Building Big
Science Lessons

Simple Machines Information
Edheads Exploration of Simple Machines

The Elements of Machines
Grain Elevator Game


Albert Einstein was a scientist since he was a young child. Read more about this Nobel Prize winner.
Ben Franklin

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