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Mentor Program Technology Sites
Initial Teachers & Mentors - Best Practices Writer's & Reader's Workshop Links
Special Education Conferences and Open House
PreSchool and Primary Graphic Organizers
Assessment PHS LMC Patron Catalog.
Supplies & Materials Puzzles, Work Sheets, & Other Fun
State Testing Information Teaching Books
Schools Gifted and Talented
Lessons, Guides, Activities, & Ideas BIG 6 Research
Data on schools and education  


WINSS - Wisconsin Successful School guide. See how our schools stack up against the rest in the state. Test Data.
Quiz Lab - create a quiz, have students take it, let the computer grade it and send you the results! Try Funbrain or Quia  
Over two dozen quiz formats you can use to create assessments for your class.
Portfolios! Get help putting one together. Also find tips on working with school personnel and developing a discipline strategy!
Fully formatted evaluation forms
from School Technology leader Kathy Schrock. Special assessment guides
Northwest Regional Educational Library's Assessment program. Includes 6 + 1 Traits
MiddleWeb Rubrics
Assessing Disabilities


Big 6 projects
Printable research guide at Big 6
Big 6 Resources

Conferences and Open House

Open house -Back to school night
Student led Conferences are discussed at this site. Tips, pros and cons

Data on Schools and Education

National Data Book Data shown relate to the school-age population and school enrollment, educational attainment, education personnel, and financial aspects of education. In addition, data are shown for charter schools, computer usage in schools, distance education, and adult education.
Elementary Schools in the USThousands of public elementary schools and private elementary schools throughout America are listed. The list is broken down by city, elementary school districts, zip codes, or counties.
Education in the United States

Common Core Standards

Gifted and Talented

ERIC clearinghouse answers your best questions. Fact sheets. Sign up for their maillist
National Association for Gifted Children.
Join the organization and find out about conventions. Sample articles. Awards and honors.
Gifted Development Center

GT World
Kid Source
- articles on gifted and talented rated by usefulness.
Neag Center
for Gifted Education and Talent Development. Excellent online articles. Guide to its summer workshop for teachers.

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers 1
Graphic Organizers 2
View more GO's
Activities for Early Finishers
plus resources on Bloom's Taxonomy and KWL charts

Learning Styles & Intelligence

The 4MAT model by Bernice McCa
Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the implications for teaching.
Index of Learning Styles by Richards Felder

What is intelligence? This Harvard site show the results of a 32 year study on how the mind functions. Focus is on Multiple Intelligences and Gardner's nine learning styles.
Teaching Style online surveys from Indiana State

PreSchool and Primary

Billy Bear's Playground lets you read, play games, send cyber postcards, celebrate the holidays, and gather clipart and screensavers.
Kindergarten Connection - a site devoted entirely to K teachers!

Puzzles, Work Sheets, & Other Fun

Activities for Early Finishers plus resources on Bloom's Taxonomy and KWL charts
Make the puzzle you always wanted! Puzzlemaker creates word searches, crosswords, and math puzzles. Build your own maze or print out hand drawn mazes created for the holidays.
Bingo Card Creator

Free Worksheets
Kathy Schrock's Links
for Bulletin ideas
Create an online quiz that students take. Results emailed to you
Free worksheets and lessons
to go with Scholastic books!
Print your own cards, calendars, certificates, recipes, labels, magnets & bumper stickers
Discovery Puzzlemaker


Special Education

Awesome Library has quality resources for special ed instructors. Topically arranged links.
Three Steps to Adapting Curriculum - helpful questions, resources
Univ. Kansas Research on Learning - Student oriented learning strategies
.Exceptional Children - learn about a spectrum of learning differences.
Power of Two - inclusion
LD Resources
- books, videos, conferences, tools, and info
National Center for Learning Disabilities
- tips for teachers, parent teacher partnerships, using technology
Overview of Learning Disabilities
- resources for identificaion, assessments, strategies, and recommended reading.

Supplies & Materials

Here's a real Gateway to Educational Materials. Search by subject, keyword, title, or grade level
Science & Educational Surplus


  Writer's & Reader's Workshop Web Sites

Into the Book - Main comprehension strategies: interactive online activities, videos, teacher and student resources (stickers, posters.)
Great Mini lesson ideas & pictures of books to use for Writer's Workshop.

Check out our Reading and Language Arts pages for more!



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