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Internet Based Ideas and Projects

Clip Art & Photos for Research
Cyber Safety
Search Tools
Tutorials, Tips, and Help Sheets
Web2.0 Tools
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Internet Based Ideas and Projects     

Webquest links
Search for Webquests
World Trek

Live Adventures
Create an online database
Online Projects to participate in. Do the experiment, gather data, and add it to the database online. Global SchoolNet
3 Internet Quests involve a quest or journey where travelers share info enroute. "Follow the adventure" Or become a field reporter on migratory patterns.  AdventureOnline    JourneyNorth
Looking for an internet project?  Keypal    
Project WISE (Web based Integrated Science Environment) has a project library. Assistance, plans, ideas.
Internet Based Professional Development Activities at the Jason Project    and    Filamentality
NASA Quest
International education & resource network
Educational Adventures
Polar Husky!
Web games if you have Power Point
Flip Publisher - create dynamic 3D flip books that have text, audio, video, photos, and music.
All Digital Lessons by a Wisconsin Teacher! Especially spreadsheets.

Using technology in the classroom. Reviews of software and web sites. Homesite of the Technology and Learning Magazine
Get help with teaching technology at TeacherWeb. A password protected site that allows parents to access you classroom.
The Buddy Project offers a host of different web sites, guides, and info to help educators integrate technology into the classroom.Teaching with Technology just got easier with these online resources from Intel.
Curriculum ideas with technology. Just go to Cyberbee
Reinforce the basics of Computer Safety with the help of Agent Glitch. He also lets you practice your mouse skills
Did you ever want a 3D animation to help you explain a concept to students? This site has them! Topics including health, space exploration, history, technology,weather, environment, nature, transportation, and earth sciences.
Demanding models for Real-Time Research. Each of the following is different. Engaged Learning, BLUEWEBN,  Mrs. Proctor's
Learn about ThinkQuests and check out those made in the past!
Effectively integrate technology in the classroom at the Education with New Technologies site

PowerPoint Station - ready made power points and lessons
Web cams around the world
Daily Dose of the Web - Brain Teasers, Questions of the Day, Quotations, Subject Areas & Interesting Trivia
Articles on Technology

Clip Art & Photos for Research
Not all of these resources are copyright free, but most allow student to use and cite the projects in their assignments. You should go directly to the original source and obtain your own copy of the public domain image rather than copying a copy. You do not have the right to modify the work of the copyright owner without permission. Some companies such as Disney are particularly concerned about their trademarks and logos.

Billy Bear
Northern Images
Art Today
Boogie Jack's Web Depot
Kira's Icon Bazaar - give credit
Best of the Web
Clip Art Guide
KidsDomain Icons & Clip Art
XmasFree Foto
Web art
Barry's Clip Art
ClipArt Connection
Pics4Learning-Free, copyright-friendly photos for students
Clip Art Universe
|Photo libraries
Public Domain pics

Free Digital Photos
Flickr Storm - choose Creative Commons from advanced search
Classroom Clipart
Copryight-Free Photo Archives - 27,000 images from NASA, NOAA, and FWS
DHD Multimedia Gallery (Selection of images, sounds, etc.)
Free Images - 2500 stock photos (most free, some members only)
Free Stock Photos
Imagesafter (Hi-res images, photos, & textures)
Pics4Learning - great for general topics
Smithsonian Institution's Office of Imaging and Photographic Services
Free Public Domain Images - small collection
Animation Factory (3D animations and clipart)
Awesome Clipart for Kids, Teacher & Family
Clip Art Connection
Invest in Tech clip art sites
Page Resource (backgrounds, dividers, images, and links)
Photography Tips
Create Cool Flash Animations without the programming language

Historical maps, photos, documents. - credit if copyright
American Picture
Medieval Clip art
NASA Clip Art
Planets from NASA for instruction
Hubble Images - credit the source
This collection has over 250,000 NASA photographs
Nature at NOAA - give credit
Specific Park pictures
World Photo Journal

FREE animated images that are kid-friendly
GIF animations
Animation Factory

Clip Art Sites for Teachers
Teacher Files
Clip Art for Educators
Pictures for Learning
Theme Pictures
Clipart for kids
Clip art on the web

Graphics Builders


Search Sites

Wikipedia for Schools
Internet Public Library
Net Trekker search engine
Culture Grams

Enchanted Learning
Cybersleuth Kids

Kids Click
Kids Yahoo
Ask Jeeves
Discovery School
Awesome Library
Tek Mom
Dog Pile

Cyber Safety

Net Smartz
Internet Safety Video plus other tech topics.

Tutorials, Tips, and Help Sheets
This site uses an interactive Flash presentation to train instructors on the use of Stanford's high tech classrooms.
International Society for Technology in Education ISTE
National Educational Technology Standards.
Online internet-use tutorials for students and teachers. Ten interactive programs including Front Page, Internet Explore 4.0, Outlook Express, Power Point, and an information technology primer.
Two more tutorials with practical information on graphics. Some are professional grade video tutorials!
Staff training programs on technology in schools is at the NSBA
ZDnet has help for beginners and advanced users. Guides for fixing glitches.
Minimize plagiarism through assessment. The antidotes to counter plagiarism
Power Point eight part tutorial to incorporate the software's use effectively in the classroom.
A Multifaceted Internet Tutorial that is FREE, interactive, self-paced, and available 24 hours a day. Learn about the Web, email, videoconferencing, chat rooms, web page design, internet safety, and online curriculum design.
MacWorld - sections to inspire you, help you connect, let you work right, be efficient, and have fun. Sign up for the daily tips.
Atomic Learning has online tutorials all for one low price. Anytime, any computer, your speed!
Great online workshops - free. Webquests, Multiple intelligences, etc.

Test web links
Converter program for PDFs, spreadsheets, documents and presentations.

Web2.0 Tools

Voice Thread
Cool Tools for Schools
TImeline - Fancy!

Visual Ranking!
Quiz Star
Flash Card Exchange
My Big Campus

WIKI Examples
Mr. Monson's Classroom
Terry the Tennis Ball
Horizon Project
Voices of the World
Mr. Soskil's class page
Mrs. Sauvey's boys' page
Lots of Wikis


Lego Technic
Lego Comic Builder
Lego Universe
Lego Robo at Ambleside
Bionic Arm
Future Vision of Technology
The Tech Robotics
Lego Land

Tetris Lego Movie
Star Wars Lego Movie
Pong Lego Movie

Mindstorms Lesson Plans
Intro to Lego Programming

Build with Legos Online

Robot Programming Code

Lego Mindstorm Robot projects
Building Instructions
Lego Forum Bots
Lego Engineering Plans


Learn about inclined planes, levers and other simple machines with Twitch.  Help him rebuild the robot.








Shared Google Doc

Learn to Program Lego Robots
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