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Portage History
Portal Wisconsin - calendar of WI events, exhibits, and attractions; Virtual gallery of WI art, Classes and discussion forums; virtual tours of historic and cultural sites.
Wisconsin Folks - Introduction to over 30 WI ethnic artists and their work; Audio Clips of interviews, stories, and songs; Online games; Fun quizzes.
IDEAS - Lessons linked to WI standards and technology; ITV programs and streaming video; Search engine; Current events, news, and links.



MooMilk Provides a "virtual tour" of a dairy farm
Celebrate those who supply us with food and fiber. National Agriculture Day is March 20th.
Celebrate Dairy Month on these COWlossal sites: I Love Cheese and Got Milk?
Camp Silos - exploration of famring today with agriculture facts
Wisconsin Honey
Ads from long ago at the Scriptorium
Tractors etc. from 1924-1957
K Farm Animal Pictures
K Farm Games from Kbears
K Kid's Farm has animals and sounds
Farmer's Almanac
Wisconsin Products
Food Advertisement Tricks!

Wisconsin History

Peshtigo Fire
Wisconsin Timeline
Newspaper articles from long ago!
Wisconsin Almanac
Investigating WI History
Wisconsin Portrait, Landscape, and Other Paintings. Wisconsin historical scenes, activities, events, and people.
Wisconsin Electronic Reader - Stories,essays, letters, poems, biographies, journals and tidbits from Wisconsin history.
Wisconsin's Portal - virtual tours of historic and cultural sites around the state
ODD Wisconsin - photos, articles, etc that will amuse, surprise, perplex, astonish, and otherwise connect you with your past. Look for Curiosities, Animals, Bizarre Events, and Strange Deaths.
Wisconsin Historical Images - photos, engravings, postcards, maps, posters and more created between 1650 and 1990.
Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places - 2000 historic buildings and sites around the state.
Wisconsin Architecture and Inventory - Data on 120,000 properties statewide. Search by county, community, address, style, name, type, date, or other.
Turning Points - 5000 year old tools, effigy mounds, Joliet and Marquette's journey, French map of WI, Black Hawk, Pioneer Letters, Steamships, logging, mining, farming.
Video Clips of Wisconsin History and Culture
Logging Gallery
Lumbering in Wisconsin
Oconto Logging Photos
Wisconsin Logging
"In Grandpa's Woods" Interactive Book

Portage History

Chamber of Commerce
Surgeon's Quarters, Indian Agency House, Portage Museum

Wisconsin, How Interesting!

Badger Games!
Wisconsin Public Television
The MAMMOTH Mystery

Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Ghost Ships
Underwater Archaeology
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
Great Lakes Shipwrecks
Dive Down
Tons of Titanic sites
Find out more about Ruth Becker
Dave Swayze's Shipwreck Research
Shipwreck Explorers

Wisconsin Government

Wisconsin State Legislature - Text of the state constitution and statutes, email contacts of legislators, schedule of legislative sessions and public hearings
Wisconsin State Senate
State Symbols from Blue Book
More State Symbols
Department of Transportation
Columbia County Data
Check out your memory of the state symbols with this online memory game. Scroll to the Wisconsin Symbols Game 


Midwest 16,000 years ago
Wisconsin maps (satellite, relief, country, B/W, 1895, postscript)
Tour our Capitol in Madison
Go inside the capitol! Virtual Tour
Cartographers Guild

Wisconsin People

Famous Wisconsin People
Cyndi's List of WI people

Biographies from the WI Historical Society
Examples of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural work.
Father Marquette

August Derleth
Donald "Deke" Slayton
James Doty
Henry Dodge picture
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Wisconsin Portraits Book

Wisconsin Reader Gallery
Wisconsin's famous people
Famous Wisconsinites
Pro Football Hall of Fame

Wm Harvey
Pierre Paquette
Paquette, Pierre
Zona Gale
Gale, Zona
another Zona

Take a look at 300 years of life in the Heartland of America. Learn about early French and German settlers, plus those who live there now.
American narratives of exploration and settlement
French in Wisconsin
Life in Territorial Wisconsin - a journal

Pioneer Life in America - a Thinkquest site
Interviews with Pioneers, Community Portraits, Strange Personalities.
Pioneer Stories
Pioneering the Upper Midwest - The land and its resources; the conflicts between settlers and Native peoples; the experience of pioneers and missionaries, soldiers and immigrants and reformers; the growth of local communities and local cultural traditions; and the development of regional and national leadership.

A Canoe Voyage from Green Bay to Fort Snelling (through Portage) Read Chapter 17 - paragraphs 1 & 2, and the first two sentences of paragraph 3. Now go to... Chapter 19 - paragraphs 1-8 and 6 sentences of paragraph 9
Early American Exploration and Settlement: 18,000 pages, books, maps, pictures, Search by date, place, explorer or event.
Research Explorers who came to Portage


Lists of Wisconsin Civil War Soldiers
150,000 biogaphies of WI residents starting in 1830.
Wisconsin Folks
Ask an Expert Two








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