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Welcome to Bartels Middle School, home of the Warriors.  Our school is built around learning, leadership, connections and laughter.  The finest teachers practice their craft to ensure that 6th, 7th and 8th grade students move forward in life feeling confident socially, emotionally, and most importantly, ready to make future choices based on a strong academic foundation.

To help make informed decisions about the academic futures of our students we use information gathered from student performance reports. Our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will take the Measure of Academic Progress assessment or MAP test in reading, language usage, science and math. Our instructional staff will use the results of these assessments to make informed decisions to promote student academic growth. Within the confines of the MAP student results is a lexile range. A lexile is a score that measures text difficulty that will allow educators and parents to find reading material that is appropriately challenging for each student. For more information on using lexiles please go to:   http://www.lexile.com/findabook/StudentInfo.aspx

Bartels Middle School is a school where leadership is fostered within the student body and the staff.  Together the school community is strengthened from the qualities of learning to lead young people through their transescent years.  We lead by connecting with our students, their parents and the Portage community, working to keep a focus on what's best for our young people.  Most importantly, we have fun while learning and our laughter is contagious.  Come visit our middle school where staff is welcoming, teachers are exceptional and students always come first!

Robert J. Meicher, Bartels Middle School Principal

NASSP: Leading Schools


Welcome new students and parents and have a great school year at Bartels Middle School!



August 20          Registration   10:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00

August 28          Open House   6:00-7:00

September 3      First day of school for 6th graders only (7th and 8th no school)

September 4      First day of school for 7th graders only (6th and 8th no school)

September 5      School for all 6th, 7th and 8th graders

September 10    BMS PTO Meeting 6PM

September 13    SCHOOL PICTURE DAY

September 27    District-wide early release @12:15

October 8            BMS PTO Meeting 6PM

October 11         District-wide early release @12:15

October 17         Parent/Teacher conferences   4:00-7:30

October 22         Parent/Teacher conferences   4:00-7:30

October 24-25            NO SCHOOL

November 1        End of 1st quarter

November 8        District-wide early release @12:15

November 18      6th grade Band and Choir Fall Concert, BMS Gym @  6:00 p.m.

November 28-29            NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving break

December 5         Holiday concert-Band and Choir

December 20       District-wide early release @12:15

December 23-Jan 1            NO SCHOOL-Winter break

January 2            School resumes

January 17          End of 2nd quarter, early release @12:15

February 14         District-wide early release @12:15

February 20         Parent/teacher conferences             4:00-7:00

February 25         Parent/teacher conferences             4:00-7:00

March 6                Festive Concert-Band and Choir

March 28              End of 3rd quarter

March 17-21         NO SCHOOL-Spring break

April 11                 District-wide early release @12:15

April 18                NO SCHOOL-Good Friday

April 29                Awards Night

May 1                  Spring Band concert

May 9                  District-wide early release @12:15

May 20                Spring Choir concert

May 26            NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day

                            Band in Memorial day prarade

June 6                  End of 4th quarter-District-wide early release @12:15

                             Last day for students


Bartels Middle School Assessment Schedule for 2013-2014:




Sept. 4 – Oct. 2

Math, Reading



Jan. 6 - 31

Math, Reading



Sept. 13

English, Math, Reading, Science



Apr. 28 - May 23

Math, Reading

3-8 & 10


Oct. 28 - Nov. 29

Math, Reading – Grades 3-8

ELA, Science, Social Studies, Writing – Grades 4, 8, 10

3-8 & 10


Oct. 28 - Nov. 29

Reading, Math, Science



October 10

English, Math, Reading, Science



October 10

English, Math, Reading, Science



Dec. 2-Feb. 7

English Language Learners















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