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Portage Academy of Achievement Students will start school on September 1, 2016.  All students should report to PAA at their scheduled times.


To avoid confusion in language, our school is commonly referred to by multiple names.  They include Portage Academy of Achievement, PAA, the Academy, the Alternative School, the At-Risk School, and although we are no longer a charter school, you may hear some people refer to it as Charter or the Charter School.  These all refer to the same school:  The Portage Academy of Achievement.



Welcome Portage Academy Students and Parents for the 2016-2017 School Year!


Mission Statement: The Portage Academy of Achievement will help students who are at risk of graduating, become career and college ready by providing them with academic, employment, and life skills. 


Welcome to our school's web page!  If there is anything you want to know about PAA that you can not find here please feel free to contact Mr. Paulsen (contact information at the bottom of the page) and we will help you out.

1. School Hours:

_____ Morning Session meets from 8:30-11:30.

_____ Afternoon Session meets from 12:30-3:30.


2. A STUDENT-FRIENDLY SCHOOL: Please note that PAA is unlike PHS in many ways.  We do not even try or pretend to be the same.  PAA is a fresh start and a different opportunity to earn a high school diploma. 

  • We work on Academic, Employment, and Life Skills.
  • Everybody participates in every activity and there are many discussions and hand-on participation activities. We will do team building activities, have field trips, and put together an individualized/personalized life plan.
  • Students must contact the teacher when tardies or absent and also pre-arrange absences when it’s possible.
  • We model business standards and expectations every day in every way.
  • We will have guest experts come in to help us:
    • Jack Harkins will help us to self-define what we want in life and how we can get it.
    • We also have various guest speakers from colleges and businesses, in order to help us learn about employment and life skills.
  • We participate in a shared reading activity every day. This activity is centered around a contemporary work of literature.  We read the book then write about a theme from the book. We conclude our book study by having popcorn and watching the movie version of the book together. 
  • We get along and support each other.  We will not allow bullying,harassment, or favorites. 
  • We complete the majority of our academic learning online, using a program called e2020.
  • Come to us prepared to get out of school what you put into it . . . and have high expectations that this will be a lot! 




Message from Principal:

Welcome to our school!  We are extremely proud of the incredible opportunity we offer students.  The culture and practices of our school are designed for student success.  This combined with our flexibility leads to high performance and achievement.  We have high expectations for all students and expect them to succeed from their first day in PAA to the day they walk across the stage and receive their high school diploma.  After graduation, we expect our graduates will succeed throughout their lives because our practices are designed to prepare them for lifelong success.  Many of our students return year after year to visit with our teachers and celebrate the next graduating class.  We have a wonderful school, awesome teachers, and fantastic students.


The Portage Academy of Achievement provides an alternative approach to learning for high school aged students who find the traditional educational setting does not meet their learning needs.  The Portage Academy of Achievement is operated as an alternative school, and is governed by the Portage Community School District School Board.


If you have questions about the Portage Academy of Achievement, please feel free to contact the Principal to learn more about this special school.


Matt Paulsen

608-742-8545 ext. 1002  - Telephone Number

paulsenm@portage.k12.wi.us - Email

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