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February 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian,


The Portage Community School District continually works to make sure our Wellness Policy (#537) is implemented throughout the district. Our main goals during the 2014-15 school year are:

  • Establishing and implementing a “Culture of Wellness” in our school and broader community

  • Establishing consistency across the district for healthy celebrations, snacks and treats

  • Continuing collaboration with UW Extension, Divine Savior HealthCare and Columbia County


We feel we have a responsibility to help your child establish lifelong habits of healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity. By establishing healthy habits early in life, children can dramatically reduce their health risks and increase their chances for longer, healthier lives. You love your child and you want the best for them, so please join us in creating opportunities for them to make healthy choices.


The goal is not to cut out all treats but to make sure treats are eaten in moderation and do not become the primary focus of parties or celebrations. The focus should be on fun, not food. The list below provides healthy suggestions for celebrations.


Healthier Options (more can be found on the PCSD website under Student Services-Wellness Policy)

• 100% juice instead of punch        • Low-fat cheese cubes or hummus with whole grain crackers

• 100% fruit juice freezer pops        • Bananas dipped in yogurt, rolled in crushed cereal and frozen

• Parfait with low-fat yogurt, fruit and granola. They could be served in a waffle cone

• Trail mix (whole-grain, low-sugar cereals mixed with dried fruit, pretzels, etc.)

• Seasonal beverages (e.g., warm cider in fall or a fruit smoothie in summer)

• Fruit pizzas using whole grain tortillas topped with low-fat whipped topping and fruit

• Fruit salad or apples with caramel dip


We encourage parents to use the above list as a guide in providing healthy snacks. You may also choose to bring in non-food items to give to each child on your child’s birthday. Below is a list of ideas:

Stickers             Little toys            Stamps             Whistles    Party hats            Plastic rings            Crayons/Markers    Chalk    

Silly bands            Bubbles                Decorative pencils     Erasers

Active items (jump rope, ball)    Holiday theme items     


You may purchase a book for the class or program in your child’s name. It could be read to the children on your child’s birthday. You, a grandparent or other special adult may also choose to join your child for an activity or a meal. Please complete the Birthday Request Form and return it at least one week before the event. Thank you for helping to provide healthier options for your children.



Joy Larson

Director of Student Services and the PCSD Wellness Committee

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