Woodridge Elementary

Woodridge Primary School

100th Day

Woodridge celebrated the

100th Day of School last week!!!  

Look at all the fun activities we did!



100th Day Collage Parade

100th Day Fun

Making Positive Change

Woodridge is having a Change Drive!  The theme for this school year is "We Make A Difference."  We are collecting change for the River Haven Shelter here in Portage. Many students have brought in change so far. If we reach $200, we will get a school dance! Also, someone will get to throw a pie in Mrs. Thistle’s face! So please send in your extra change for this wonderful cause.  

Astronomy Presentation

We had some wonderful visitors at Woodridge.  Mrs. Fritz's astronomy class from the high school came to Ms. Rosbeck's K/1 class to share their books they created about the solar system.  After reading, together they created a necklace that represented how the solar system looks.  

Making Pizza

Mrs. Canales showed Ms. Kane's class how to make their own personal pan pizza.  It was a great time!

Thank You Virgil

Thank you Virgil for keeping our kids safe as our crossing guard.

We Make A Difference!

Working Hard

We are grateful to Mr. B and all of the Woodridge volunteers.
Mid-school year assessments have begun to ensure students are making good gains.
Miss Ballweg shares a story with her students.

Woodridge Primary School Staff

We make a difference.






Woodridge Mission Statement


At Woodridge Primary School, we will teach the whole child to be educationally, socially, and behaviorally responsible.  We will nurture lifelong learners by providing an engaging and safe learning environment with purposeful instruction to meet the needs of each individual student.

Woodridge Students:

We care about you!

We believe in you!

We trust you!

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