Woodridge Elementary

Woodridge Primary School

Visitor at Woodridge

Mr. Poches brought school board member Matt Foster

to visit Woodridge.  We got to show him the interesting

things we are learning.  They both got to say hello, ask

questions, and read with the students.  Thank you so

much for visiting.  Please come again!


Fine Arts Night

The Fine Arts Night was a huge success!!!  

It was a really treat so see the kids up on

stage.  The actors did a fabulous job saying

their lines and the singers sang so nice and

loud.  After the show, cookies were available

to eat while many looked at the wonderful

artwork.  Thank you so much for attending!  



Professional Day


Woodridge wanted to

honorour two wonderful

ladies who help us out

everyday.  They are

Mrs. Falkner and Ms. Gumz.

The teachers and students put post-it 

notes on their desks with reasons why

we appreciate them.  At our weekly

assembly, the students also had the 

opportunity to share what they do to help 

them out.  They also receieved a beautiful 

bouquet of flowers.



Thank you

Mrs. Falkner

and Ms. Gumz

for all that you



The Bears' Picnic Day


We had another fantastic

day at Woodridge.

Everyone had so much fun!

We were able to bring in our

favorite stuffed animals,

readthe The Bear's Picnic 

by Jan and Stan Berenstain.

We got together with our

reading buddies and had

a picnic together.  It was a 

great time!





What a great

message from

some students

at Woodridge!

Look at Mrs. O wearing the

"We All Fit" Woodridge t-shirt!



Woodridge Mission Statement


At Woodridge Primary School, we will teach the whole child to be educationally, socially, and behaviorally responsible.  We will nurture lifelong learners by providing an engaging and safe learning environment with purposeful instruction to meet the needs of each individual student.

Woodridge Students:

We care about you!

We believe in you!

We trust you!

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