Portage Community School District

Strategic Plan

   The Portage Community School District continues progress toward developing a new strategic plan. 

   Recently, through the leadership of facilitator Drew Howick, the Portage Community School Board identified important components of the culminating activity, the Community Event.  This community event will bring stakeholders from across our community together for a conversation.
   Planned over the course of two and a half days, the event will focus on discussing progress the District has made in providing students with more opportunities and identifying where our District should be in 5 to 10 years.   
   “We strongly believe the best way to prepare the district and our students for the future is by gathering our leaders together to decide where we go from here,” said PCSD Board President Matt Foster. “We are building on a great foundation, but we are looking forward to strengthening our outlook for the years to come.”
   The dates for the Community Event will be the evening of Thursday, June 5th, late afternoon into early evening on the June 6th and Saturday, June 7th.
   The Community Event is designed to be a large conversation between 50 to 100 stakeholders encompassing a representative cross-section of the community, including students, representatives from many elements of education, business and community leaders. People interested in assisting in this process should call the District Office at 742-4879.
   The core team of board members and administrators developed a purpose statement and goals to help guide everyone involved through the process.

Purpose Statement:

 Engage stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of our district and create a vision that is responsive to the evolving needs of our students and our community.


1)         Identify and prioritize issues and trends that impact our district's future.

2)         Create a shared understanding of the school district with the community.

3)         Identify the skills and attributes our community desires in our students.

4)         Identify ways to strengthen communication with the community.

The design team will be meeting Tuesday to plan for the next phase of the planning. 

“It’s an exciting process that we’re looking forward to,” Foster said. “I’m thankful for the support we’ve received so far to help us build upon our successes.”

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