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Year Round School

Recently the School Board adopted a strategic plan with eight different goal areas. These goal areas will be used to create a bright future for our District over the next 5-10 years. One of these goals establishes the need to study a year-round calendar and make a recommendation to the Board of whether or not this structure would work within our school community. To answer this question, the District will be establishing a group of stakeholders (parents, community members, Board members, and administrators) to study the possibility of implementing a year-round school calendar in Portage. This group of people will spend the next three years studying this concept, receiving community feedback and at the end of the three years making a recommendation to the school board. We are in the process of organizing this group and need a diverse group of individuals who represent our community as we move forward. The timeline and schedule for this group will be established once they have an opportunity to meet. If you are interested in getting involved to help guide the District’s future, please join us by contacting Charles Poches, District Administrator at 742-4879 or pochesc@portage.k12.wi.us before October 1st.



2014 ACT Results

PORTAGE – For the 5th year in a row, the percent of students in the Portage Community School District taking the ACT and their composite scores have increased.  The ACT results released show Portage’s average composite score is a 23.5 among 107 students tested which is the 20th highest score posted of 460 schools across Wisconsin. A total of 65 schools across the state scored an average 23.5 or higher.


District Administrator Charles Poches said the continuing gains for Portage students’ scores show overall growth in student learning at the high school level.


“The five-year trend of increasing the average composite score as well as the number of students taking the ACT exam is a positive indication that our efforts with curriculum development are succeeding,” Poches said. “This is a direct result of the work our staff has done in the last five years in providing consistency in the curriculum, improvements they have made in their instructional practices and the use of data from common assessments.”  


PHS Principal Robin Kvalo knows that these results come with a lot of hard work by students and faculty.


"Our faculty has worked diligently to deliver solid instruction and curriculum aligned with Common Core in order to prepare students to be college and career ready.  ACT is one measure that shows how prepared they are,” Kvalo said.  “I am very proud of our students’ effort to continually strive to do their best.  As we continue to expect more from our students at PHS, they rise to the challenge and their efforts show."  


Students taking the test represent the class of 2014 of Portage High School.


Also of note is how the Portage average composite compared to the state-wide and nation-wide results. The average Wisconsin composite score is 22.2 out of a possible 36, which ranked second nationally. The national average is 21.


The data provided by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction and shared by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel offers a searchable database of results sorted by county, district, school, average score, number of students tested, or whether a school is a charter school.




About the ACT

The ACT is a curriculum-based achievement assessment that measures the skills taught in schools and deemed important for success in first-year college courses. The content of the ACT is informed by results of the ACT National Curriculum Survey®, conducted every three to four years among thousands of elementary, middle and high school teachers and instructors of first-year college courses across the United States. The data obtained in the survey allow ACT to ensure that its assessments measure the

skills most important for success after high school.

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