Medication and Health Plans


Any medication to be taken by a student while at school requires a signed form on file in the school office. We cannot give any medication without a form being properly filled out. This applies to medications during the regular school year and during summer school.


Each medication, prescription or over-the-counter, needs to be on its own form, the Medication Request/Consent Form

Students are not to share over-the-counter medication and or prescription medication with any other student. Everyone reacts differently to medication and for safety reasons no sharing of medication will be permitted in school. Students will be subject to disciplinary action if they share or give medication or drugs to other students.

Please see the student handbook or District Policy 540 for further details.  Due to a change in the Medication Administration law. Please review School Board Policy 540A for details.


Student Health Plans assist the school to better support your child and his or her health issue while at school.  A selection of health plans are included below.  If you already have a health plan from your health care provider, feel free to provide a copy of that to us instead.  Examples of this include an Asthma Action Plan or a Food Allergy Action Plan.

Medication Request/Consent Form
One medication per one form.
Asthma Action Plan
Bowel Management Plan
Food Allergy Plan
Food Services Form
This form is needed in order for food service to consider accommodations. Food Services Director processes this according to current rules of the National School Lunch Program.
Headache Management Plan
Insect Sting Plan
Latex Allergy Plan

Asthma Medication Resources

Follow this link to a list of resources to help in obtaining your asthma medications .

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