Dental Health

2016-2017 Seal A Smile Offerings

Seal A Smile returns to the following buildings and grades:

John Muir Elementary School:  2nd and 5th grades

Lewiston Elementary School:  2nd and 5th grades

Rusch Elementary School:  2nd and 5th grades

Wayne Bartels Middle School:  6th grade

Check out this video about the Wisconsin Seal A Smile Program!

Dental Days at Endeavor Elementary School and Bartels Middle School 2016-2017

The Marquette County Children's Dental Foundation will again return to Endeavor Elementary School to provide students with teeth cleanings, dental education while receiving services and care coordination if concerns need further evaluation. The target audience for this service is children with Medicaid/BadgerCare coverage. If possible, those children without dental insurance may also be included.

Forms for this program will be available during school registration.  The clinic day is scheduled for September 22, 2016, for students PreK4 through 5th grade.  

New for 2016-2017, Bartels Middle School students with a primary address of Marquette County will also be eligible for the same services as Endeavor Elementary, right at Bartels Middle School.  

Forms for this program will be available during school registration. The clinic day is scheduled for September 29, 2016, for students in grades 6, 7, or 8th grades.



Children's Dental Foundation Form Endeavor Fall 2016
This form is needed for the Endeavor Dental Days at school. Submit by 9/14/16 to the Endeavor School Office.
Children's Dental Foundation Form Middle School Fall 2016
This form is needed for the Endeavor Dental Days at school. Submit by 9/14/16 to the Endeavor School Office.

Wisconsin's Roadmap to Improving Oral Health 2013-2018.

Read on to see what is planned in Wisconsin for improving oral health for state residents.

Dental Health

Dental care is important for ALL family members.  Teeth play an important role in:

  • speech
  • eating
  • facial appearance

Healthy teeth can be achieved through:

  • wise food choices
  • brushing each day in the morning and before bed
  • flossing each day
  • visiting the dental office for cleanings every 6 months. 

As a parent, model these habits for your child so she/he learns that you take the time to care for your teeth too.

Nationally, dental health issues account for 51 million lost school days each year!  Imagine having a toothache and completing your morning routine so you can get to school ready to perform at your best.  This would be a challenge for any of us.  Tooth decay has the potential to be lethal. Don't ignore pain in the mouth.  Get to a dentist to have it checked out.  Sometimes, an infection may start in the mouth and spread to other areas of the body.  If you notice changes in eating patterns, complaints of pain, weight loss or fever, these are all signs of a possible tooth problem.  Have it checked out.

Resources are offered here so parents may locate and access community dental health services.  One exciting offering is the Seal A Smile program available during 2013-14 to students at John Muir Elementary (grades 2 and 5), Rusch Elementary (grades 2 and 8), Lewiston Elementary (grades 2, 3, 4, and 5) and Bartels Middle School (grade 6).  Watch for a form being sent home with your child in September to sign up.  Clinic days will begin in October 2013. 

Endeavor Elementary students will have an opportunity to sign up for dental health services at school through the Marquette County Dental Health Foundation.  More information is coming on this fall 2012.


Dental Care Clinic available to Columbia County residents.  The St. Vincent de Paul Dental Clinic in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin is accepting patients from Columbia County.  Please see the brochure and application for details.  Please note that this service requires a completed application and an appointment to obtain services.

St. Vincent de Paul Dental Clinic Application
The application must be returned and reviewed with clinic staff before an appointment will be scheduled.

Marquette County's Children's Dental Foundation

Children who reside in Marquette County who have Medicaid/BadgerCare insurance may utilize dental services through the Children's Dental Foundation. Contact the Marquette County Health Department for further information, 608/297-3135.

Dental Care Resource list
A list of dental care resources for the uninsured or underinsured.
Spanish Dental Care Resource list
A list of resources for uninsured or underinsured.

Dental and Health Discount Programs


Endeavor Elementary School Welcomes Dental Hygienist Carrie Back for 2014-15

Carrie Knurowski, Registered Dental Hygienist will again return to Endeavor Elementary School to provide dental services to students in preschool through 5th grade.  The clinic day is set for September 11, 2014.  Forms will be available during school registration for parents wanting to sign their child/children up.  Carrie's program offers school-based teeth cleanings through a collaboration with Marquette County Health Department, the Children's Dental Foundation and the Endeavor Elementary School.  The collaboration began in 2013.

Thank you so much to Carrie, RDH and the collaborative for the care offered to our students!  This is another example of how we are helping students make lifelong wellness habits a top priority.

Columbia County Seal A Smile Program Completes the Fall 2013 Visit to Portage Community School District

Bartels Middle School, grade 6 received services valued at $6,500

Lewiston Elementary School, grades 2 through 5 received services valued at $10,000

Rusch Elementary School, grades 2 and 5 received services valued at $13,000

John Muir Elementary School, grades 2 and 5 received services valued at $20,000

Grand total for the fall visit:  $49,500 in dental care and priceless lifetime wellness habits!

In total, 184 students received an oral assessment, fluoride varnish application, and chair side education on oral health.  Of that group, 140 students received 372 sealants!  

This program is provided through a grant from the Children Health Alliance of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Oral Health Program in collaboration with the Columbia County Deparment of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health.

Services are provided by Cindy Seubert, Registered Dental Hygienist and follows strict infection control regulations.

Thank you to our collaborating partners in this wonderful program!  This is another example of how we are helping kids make lifelong wellness a top priority.


John Muir Elementary School's Seal-A-Smile Program had special visitors.


On Monday, February 27, 2012, the Seal-A-Smile program currently located at John Muir Elementary School had special visitors from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services.  The purpose of the visit was to offer Ms. Karen McKeown, new Administrator of the Division of Public Health an opportunity to see a Seal-A-Smile Program in action.  Ms. McKeown was accompanied by Dr. Warren LeMay, Chief Dental Officer and Robbyn Kuester, Sealant and Fluoridation Program Coordinator, both from the Oral Health Program within DHS.  Susan Lorenz, Columbia County Health Officer and Valerie Hon, District Nurse were also involved in the visit that showcased students receiving the Seal-A-Smile services by Cindy Seubert, Registered Dental Hygienist and Bev Hornischer, Dental Assistant.

The group was commended for the outstanding collaboration between agencies.

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