Human Growth and Development

Portage Community School District offers a human growth and development unit for the first time in fifth grade.  The unit is called Road to Adulthood. A special program for fourth grade girls and a trusted adult is held each spring to discuss the onset of puberty as a brief starting point to this special time. It is called She's Growing Up Night.

The following resource list for parents was created in response to the last Growth and Development Curriculum meeting in compliance with the Wisconsin Statute.  This is officially distributed each spring to parents of students in fifth grade.  Lately, many people are interested in the resources on an earlier schedule.  So here it is. 

Another easy way to obtain books is through the use of the LINKcat system (http://www.linkcat.info/) of the public library.  Search "puberty" and you will get a long list of books to peruse to meet your needs.

Research shows that kids really want to learn about human growth and development and sexuality from parents or trusted adults.  Take the time to do some fact finding to help you become more comfortable talking with your child about this very important topic.


Human Growth and Development List for Parents
This list offers parents a few places to start locating information.
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