Many children suffer from constipation. In fact, 12-28% of Americans are constipated. Signs of constipation include painful stools, decreased bowel movement frequency (two or less per week), or hard, pellet-like stools. Some children begin to have accidents from seepage of stool. Research has shown that constipation lowers children’s quality of life.

Common causes of constipation include not drinking enough fluids, not eating enough fiber, challenges at home, school schedules that don’t allow children to relax, or developmental delays.

Treatment includes avoiding fatty or fast foods, increasing the amount of fiber in your child’s diet by adding whole grains and fruits with peels, increasing your child’s water intake, setting aside time to sit on the toilet, increasing physical activity, or using laxatives as directed by a healthcare provider.

For more information, check out the PCSD Facebook page or the Wellness Page on the district website.


Source: 2013 WASN Spring Conference

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