Are you wondering if your children should be taking vitamins?

The short answer is no, healthy children do not need to take vitamin supplements. In fact, a balanced diet provides enough vitamins for growing kids. The body also absorbs vitamins from food more easily.

However, if your child eats a poor or erratic diet or is very picky about what they will eat, here are some tips:

  • Talk to your doctor about starting vitamin supplements.
  • One daily multivitamin gives safe amounts of vitamins to kids.
  • Vitamins sold without a prescription are generally safe, when taken as directed.
  • To make sure that the body can break down the vitamin, put it in a glass of vinegar for 30 minutes. If the vitamin is still whole, then the body won’t be able to break it down.

To learn more about vitamins A-K and what foods are good sources of each vitamin, check out this site.

Check out this fun game for kids that will teach them which foods have lots of vitamins!

If you are considering giving your kids vitamins, read this consumer report comparing vitamin brands.


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